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Do you need...

brand management?
professional website design?
affordable digital marketing? 


We are ONE-STOP-SHOP brand management, website design and marketing management agency.

G Design is a one-stop-shop creative agency based in Mahurangi New Zealand. We are a little team of amazing creative people. We are a certified WIX partner and we have partnerships with other many recognized successful companies around New Zealand and Australia.

We have been in the design industry for 15+ years with clients all around the globe.

Let me know how we can help you with your website and marketing project. Let's get your business that professional look!

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We grow your business by increasing the quality, consistency, visibility and sales of your brand, website and marketing.

Visibility is power! We optimise the way businesses are presented. We believe a company’s brand is its most important asset so we like to give our client's the ultimate professional look for their businesses to show off.


We deliver creative design and strong brand systems.

We manage your brand consistently across all marketing channels.

We design professional websites that are easy to manage yourself.


We provide effective and affordable digital marketing such as SEO strategies, social media management, Google Ads management, etc.

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GDesign Agency services
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Your local designer 

Mahurangi West’s Giana Pedrazza says a business’ brand is its most important asset, communicating the reliability of its product or service. It’s like the “first handshake” with a potential client or customer.

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Research and analysis combined with creativity is our formula to deliver strong brands, professional websites and affordable digital marketing.

We give a face to your business with a unique logo design. We develop a brand system that gives your business a strong character. A memorable face and a strong character are what your business needs to stand out from the competition and develop brand awareness. The repetition of your unique and strong brand across all your marketing channels will give your business an impressive and reliable online presence that creates a sense of reliability among your customers.


There aren't many businesses that can survive without a website so we create a custom-designed functional and professional website for your business. A professional website design can be a highly effective marketing tool that can be very cost-efficient. A website helps build your credibility in your industry and legitimizes your business, no matter how small. 

Your website done and combined with our effective digital marketing strategies, planned to fit your business budget will bring the professional and powerful visibility that any business needs nowadays! 

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The Real Reasons Your Brand Might Need A Refresh

As a creative agency specializing in brand strategy, we’re often asked this very question.

A brand refresh is critical to maintaining and even earning relevancy in the market, but how do you know when you really need one? The most common indication is age, but that's not the No. 1 reason to reboot. Here is how you find out if your business need a brand refreshment...

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We want your business to look professional and get the online visibility it deserves while converting leads into sales.

We take this hard work out of your hands so you can

focus on what you do best!


Our creative design, brand management, professional website design and cost-effective digital marketing give your business the ultimate tools it needs to achieve a professional look and strong visibility it deserves. 

We want our clients to be proud and confident about their business presence in the market, hence why we strive to create unique and strong brands.


We aim for the success of your business! We have an effective formula to achieve your professional and unique online visibility.