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Your logo is the visual representation and face of your business. It serves as a crucial element in creating a strong brand identity and making a lasting impression on your customers.

A well-designed and memorable logo can instantly convey the essence of your business, build recognition, and foster trust among your target audience. It sets the tone for your brand and becomes the foundation upon which your entire visual identity is built. 


We have a process that combines research and analysis with creativity to create and deliver a logo that represents your business.


Stand out from the competition with a uniquely designed logo that will impress your customers at first sight and remain memorable in their minds. 

We follow these steps: 

  • Naming

  • Design Brief

  • Brainstorm

  • Digital Draft

  • Typography & Colour

  • Delivery

Logo Design
Logo Design
Stand out from the crawd with a unique logo design


G Design is all about impressive & strong brands.
We strategically plan each element of your brand and consistently apply does elements across all your marketing channels.

A strong brand sticks in our brain because its presence is defined by the repetition of the same logo, fonts, colours and images. Once we see them enough, they become instantly recognizable, bringing us a clear sense of reliability and security.

A company’s brand is its most important asset!

Developing a consistent brand starts with creating a brand strategy. It governs the composition, design, and general look-and-feel of your company.


...we have great results...

"Giana was excellent. She communicated very well. Was accurate with timing and we have great results. Looking forward to working together in the future..."

Jane Maisey

...incredibly creative and understood my brand and purpose...

"I recently worked with Giana of G Design, who truly exceeded my expectations. She was incredibly creative and understood my brand and purpose. I was impressed with her attention to detail, especially when it came to the colours and visual elements on my website. I felt like she was able to take my vision and bring it to life."

Ren Saguil

...highly recommend Giana from G Design to all...

"Clear communication, great pricing, easy going cool lady! highly recommend Giana from G Design to all."

Bryce Waters

Brand Book
Brand Book example


A Brand Book allows your brand to maintain a cohesive identity with a brand system. 

In a Brand Book you will find the guidelines to maintain your brand consistent. Aspects and parameters such as typefaces, colours, graphics, images, and icons are the elements of your brand established at your Brand Book for consistency and unity of your brand identity. Those elements dictates the layout of a blog, website, advertisement and similar marketing collateral.

Prints, products, social media adverts and website have to follow the rules of your Brand Book to keep your brand consistent. This practices keep the design aligned with the core brand values and is the key to build awareness that allows the customer to easily and immediately recognise your brand.


A Brand Book contains:


  • Proportional aspects of your logo

  • Logo usages

  • Typeface details and priorities

  • Color pallet specifications

  • Logo styles (lock-ups)

  • Logo best practices

  • Branding images support

  • Icon sets

  • Stationery & Business card templates

  • Promotional item mockups


It’s not just about the visual elements of a brand!

Prints & products have to follow the rules of brand consistency and this is the key to build awareness that allows the customer to easily and immediately recognise your brand.

My work practices keep the design aligned with the core brand values all through your marketing and stationery media.

Consistent brand stationery example
  • Business cards 

  • Flyers

  • Stationery

  • Brochures

  • Advertising 

  • Packaging

  • Signs

  • Posters

  • Vehicle signage

  • Editorial

  • Etc...

Three folded branded flyer
Prints & Products
If you like what you have seen please check out my premium design services...
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